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Controllers not working when starting flight mid-air or during Bush Trip activities


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The controllers I've configured using FSUIPC rarely seem to work when starting from the World Map using a custom location so that the flight starts mid-air, or when I attempt to continue my Bush Trip (Balkans, 3rd leg). I'm pretty sure that they work sometimes when starting mid-air, but I haven't figured out when or why.

When trying the Bush Trip, the issue has so far been always reproducible, even when it's the first thing I try after starting the sim. I've tried other Bush Trip legs, they show the same issue (e.g. the Bush Trip in the XCub). [Edit: No, wait, my mistake, FSUIPC wasn't running when I tried other Bush Trips, because I quit it to look at its log. I even had control when starting the first leg of the Balkans trip after restarting FSUIPC, but when I tried the 3rd leg again, just as before, none of my axes, buttons, switches and rotaries were working.]

When I start a flight from the ground (via the World Map) immediately (in the same MFS session) after having the issue, the controls are working fine. There are no messages in the log that would make me think that FSUIPC is aware of a problem. The aircraft in the Balkans trip is the C172 G1000, I completed dozens of flights with it (via the World Map) without any issues.

Can anyone reproduce this issue?

Assuming this is a issue with the sim, how should I report that on Zendesk? "SimConnect does not work on a specific Bush Trip"?



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I wasn't using the latest version. I find it cumbersome to follow the releases by checking the bottom of a thread. I wish the filenames would contain a qualified version number or release date. Updating to the latest version appears to have solved the issue.


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