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I can't register my WideFs


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I think I followed the instructions...but it does not work for me...

I don't have a FSUIPC7 license yet but I have a wideFS7 license...and it was working with the previous version of FSUIPC7 beta...

When i get the screen to register, I don't change anything in name (MSFS Beta License), in email (Time limited to 08/11/2020) and the FSUIPC key (67...)


I click on Check if using a different Name or Address for WideFS...

I enter my WideFS key: (copy and paste)

I enter my WideFS Name:

and my WideFS Email:


I click Register and get:

Registration details for FSUIPC7 not valid...please re-enter and try again...

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You cannot currently use the installer to validate your widefs license as the time-limited FSUIPC7 license cant be validated. You have to follow the instructions in the announcement while still in beta:


Using WideFS
If you have a license for WideFS7 that you would also like to use, you can do this by
adding the following lines to the included FSUIPC7.key file:

NameForWideFS=<your WideFS registration name>
WideFSaddress=<your WideFS registration email/address>
WideFS=<your 12 character WideFS key>

You will need to restart FSUIPC7 for the license to take effect.


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11 hours ago, SAC002 said:

Maybe you should include this in the installation instructions manual...

That will be the last release with a key file included, so wasn't worth updating the manual.
The same text should have been in the provided README.txt file, but looks like I prematurely removed it.

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