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After Latest patch FSUIPC not working


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Since MSFS patch 5(?) I was suffering CTD's at launch every time - until the latest hotfix to the patch.

But now, although the hotfix has cured that problem, FSUIPC is not having any effect. It appears to launch ok and the console is present but the sim is unresponsive. It was working as intended before this (mandatory) patch.

Am I alone in this?

Cheers, Chris

Edit - I see from the log that FSUIPC7 has expired. That probably explains it!

I will pay for the official version as soon as I'm sure MSFS has settled down and is useable...

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I should have checked
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Hi John, I only use FSUIPC7 for reverse thrust on the planes that you can use reverse thrust. This has been working up until this past weekend.

Yes I have updated FSUIPC7 today and everything is there as per your discussions elsewhere. And to be sure, from your earlier communication in August to move the FSUIPC4.ini over and call it FSUIPC7, I verified that the details were there as I copied version 7 over for clarification.

I am not sure why reverse thrust is now not working. Is it something to do with the latest MSFS update of the fix this weekend that has corrupted something or FSUIPC7



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I have no idea. Are you using a registered version of FSUIPC7? If not, please uninstall FSUIPC7 using the uninstaller (located in your installation folder), download the latest installer and re-install.

If you are then still experiencing your issue, please start a new topic and attached your FSUIPC.ini and FSUIPC.log files.


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