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FSUIPC7 + MSFS2020 only 32 buttons


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2 hours ago, Mugz said:

How to bypass the 32-button limit

By using lua.

2 hours ago, Mugz said:

I saw topics about HidDemo.lua but I don't understand how to connect it correctly to FSUIPC7

You have to edit the file as described, then place it in your FSUIPC installation folder. Then decide how to activate it - by either assigning to a button or keypress, or adding it the the [Auto] section of your FSUIPC7.ini file so that it is automatically ran.

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Already done:

1. Modified header with VID and PID from device. And put in instalation folder
2. Added section [Auto] with string 1=lua HidDemo
3. Started program. Tried to map button - but not detected.

In logs no any information about starting lua

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On 11/9/2020 at 4:06 PM, John Dowson said:

Can you see the HidDemo file under [LuaFiles]?
it should be
    1=Lua HidDemo

i.e. a capital L, but I'm not sure that makes a difference without checking - please try it, and check log to see if its started.
Otherwise, please attach your .ini and .log and I'll take a look.


Tried. No luck =|

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