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Replacing a yoke in profiles


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Hi john - 

This question pertains to both FSUIPC6 and 7. Currently I have FSUIPC controlling all my hardware - CH Yoke, CH Throttle Quadrant, CH Rudders and Saitek X55. I have quite a few dedicated profiles that I use. This weekend I'll be receiving my Honeycomb Alpha Yoke ( Bravo TQ comes next month).

What would be the easiest procedure to substitute the new Yoke in the profiles?  I'm assuming I could create a basic profile for the yoke and cut/paste it in the various profiles or would I need to recreate the entire profile from scratch.

Or, is there a more efficient way?





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Starting from scratch would be the safest way.

You can easily use your current assignments with the new yoke, but you don't know if the equivalent button/switch on each device will have the same number.
Your axes should be ok though. You could try this and adjust from there.

To do this, first make sure that you have the JoyLetters facility activated (this is the default in FSUIPC7).
Connect your new device and start FSUIPC7/P3D. No need to start MSFS. Probably a good idea to open the axis assignment dialogue (to force an axes scan), then close and exit FSUIPC7/P3D.   If you then open the ini file, your new devices will have been assigned a letter. Just change this letter to the letter of your old device that it is replacing, and delete the line with your old device name and letter (you've just used).



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