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Stream Deck Plugin for FSUIPC


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If you'd like to use Stream Deck buttons to trigger FSUIPC functionality, you can use FSUIPC's native "virtual joystick", without the need for vJoy (which can create issues for certain games and devices), from this plugin: https://github.com/IslandJohn/StreamDeckFSUIPC. If there's interest, I can add triggering of offsets and controls directly, but I didn't see a need to move the UI for those things from FSUIPC.



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I am very interested in such a plugin as I am not able to assign buttons in FSX using the Stream Deck XL. Do I need the full version of FSCUIPC to make your plugin working and where do I install the conent of the zip-file I have downloaded from Github?
Many thx in advance and kind regards


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From @Flávio Oliveira:



I would like to thank you for sharing the Streamdeck FSUIPC plugin.
I'm very interested in using it, but I don't understand how to add the two parameters requested when creating a new button:

Virtual Joystick:
Button Number:

I would like to assign simple shortcuts like turning the landing lights on and off.
Could you give me the documentation path to use it, or better, give me an example of how to fill in these fields?

I have access to the B738 PMDG SDK file and I can assign these shortcuts through FSUIPC.

Thank you very much.
I hope you can help me! Just to let you know I'm inexperienced with programming, but I've studied a lot on the subject.

I tried to do it this way and it didn't work:



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