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First of all, sorry for my English, I use the Google translator.
Second, thanks to all of you who make it possible, with your patience, for my cockpit737 to work.
Third to the matter:
In the IAS / MACH display of the Opencockpits MCP, with Project Magenta and its corresponding SIOC script, everything works correctly except for the IAS / Mach encoder which, from what can be seen on the Display, jumps in the digits and some are lost, that is, they are not displayed, making the process of establishing a certain speed very slow and imprecise, I have read something about a possible loss of encoder pulses due to speed, the only parameter that we have in Sioc In the Encoder configuration, it is the acceleration one, I have tried different values but it does not seem to be the solution.
I should add, that I use Fsuipc 6 (latest version) Registered with Prepar3D V5. and that the same Encoder works perfectly with the HDG, Course etc. etc.
I know that the information I provide may be insufficient, but it is about starting somewhere.
I appreciate any help or suggestion that can improve the performance of the IAS / Mach encoder.
Thank you so much.

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5 minutes ago, carlosheviad@gmail.com said:

I appreciate any help or suggestion that can improve the performance of the IAS / Mach encoder.

You'd need to provide details of how you have it assigned. You also might want to ask on the Project Magenta support forum, as we don't support PM itself here. If, as you say, the same way of handling it works well with the heading and course setting, the difference with the IAS/Mach values maybe more to do with how PM handles that.



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