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Differences between FSUIPC Free and Pay


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3 minutes ago, asessa said:

Hi, are differences are between free and pay ? 

Please see the FSUIPC User Guide for the additional features provided by the payware version.

3 minutes ago, asessa said:

Particularly using fsuipc to input/output through MobiFlight or code.

The FSUIPC SDK applies to the free as well as the payware version. FSUIPC's Lua interface is only available in the payware version.
As for MobiFlight, I'm not a MobiFlight user and so will leave to others to respond, or ask on the MobiFlight forums.
If you are just using the MobiFlight WASM module, you should be able to use the MobiFlight added events via code as custom controls.

But you cannot assign directly unless using the registered version/


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6 hours ago, Buddy308 said:

For the life of me, i cannot find a link to download the FSUIPC User Guide. 

All the FSUIPC documentation is installed (optionally for FSUIPC6/7) when you install FSUIPC. If usingFSUIPC6 or 7, then they will be under your windows documents folder in an FSUIPC6/7 subfolder (v7.0.4 also creates a link to this location under your installation directory).
For FSUIPC4/5, the documents will be under an FSUIPC Documents sub-folder of your FSUIPC installation folder.

The FSUIPC documentation  is also available for download as a separate package here (although these won't be up-to-date): 



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