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6 hours ago, pilotjohn said:

I saw the mentions of upcoming to support for Lvars through a WASM module. Is there a beta test for this? Where can we follow progress or watch for release?

I'll post when the beta is ready to test. I won't be posting any progress updates until the beta is ready.

6 hours ago, pilotjohn said:

Also, will there be a way to investigate what Lvars are available in an aircraft?

The current implementation I am working on is file based, so you will have to supply text files containing the names of the lvars (and hvars) that you want to use. The files will be loaded/unloaded when the aircraft changes, and it will load files on a substring match with the filename to the aircraft name. So, for example,  A320.lvar will be loaded for the A320 (or A320.1.lvar and A320.2.lvar, etc) and Boing 747.lvar for the 747, etc. I will also allow for one file (all.lvar) to be loaded for all aircraft, although I'm not sure how useful this will be.

I will also provide access to execute hvars as well. These will also be loaded by files, so need to be pre-known. Also, as hvars are activated as calculator code, I could also generalise this to execute any provided calculator code.

On the FSUIPC side, I will try to preserve existing lvar functionality for the initial release. However, it will no longer be possible to create lvars (using the ':::' notation).
As I will be maintaining a list of current lvar names/values in FSUIPC, I could also expand the lvar functionality in future releases  to include controls for setting/incrementing/decrementing lvars directly from assignments, as well as new controls to list and activate hvars.

There are  already various lists of available lvars and hvars for various aircraft, although mainly it seems for the A320. I think it would be good if I could collect such lists and then I can include them in the installer.
I think it should be possible to determine the available lvars and hvars diretly from the WASM module itself, although I'm not 100% sure. I think SPAD provide scripts that you can run (with the aircraft loaded) that produces lists of lvars and hvars. I will look into this further at some point, or if anyone is using these maybe they can point me in the right direction?


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Great, thanks. For one of my specific use cases, the CJ4 mod broke the events based autopilot controls (e.g. I can't use heading toggle for example), but apparently it should be controllable via Lvar. I have not yet seen the list to Lvars for this, so I was curious how it would be obtained (especially for aircraft which are DRM protected).

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29 minutes ago, pilotjohn said:

I have not yet seen the list to Lvars for this, so I was curious how it would be obtained (especially for aircraft which are DRM protected).

As I said, as I'm not sure how to enumerate available lvars (or hvars) I am leaving this for now and adding them via user-added (or installer) files.
Basically I've gone down this route for the initial implementation as I don't yet know how to get a list of available lvars or hvars.

There are lists already published for some aircraft models (SPAD.next and MobiFlight I think), but only for some a/c models.

Maybe we can request a list of lvars (and hvars) available for each aircraft from Asobo?
Or rely on mod developers to publish these.

Anyway, as I said, I'm not sure how this can be done in a reliable way at the moment, so I'm leaving this to the user (to provide the files) and FSUIPC will use whats provided.

Once I've got the lvar functionality working, I will look into a more user-friendly way of building the lvar/hvar lists.




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