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Cessna CJ14 Citation - Fuel transfer

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can anyone tell me the offset for the fuel transfer (L to R & R to L)?

I need to manage the transition by a momentary (ON)/(ON) lever button.

These are the lines from the log file when I operate the switch with the mouse :

24331531 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 67072 (0x00010600), Param= 46 (0x0000002e) ELECTRICAL_CIRCUIT_TOGGLE [RIGHT TO LEFT TANK]
 24333812 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 67072 (0x00010600), Param= 46 (0x0000002e) ELECTRICAL_CIRCUIT_TOGGLE [OFF]
 24334828 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 67072 (0x00010600), Param= 45 (0x0000002d) ELECTRICAL_CIRCUIT_TOGGLE [LEFT TO RIGHT TANK]
 24336234 *** EVENT: Cntrl= 67072 (0x00010600), Param= 45 (0x0000002d) ELECTRICAL_CIRCUIT_TOGGLE [OFF]


Thanks for helping.


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You can assign to Electrical Circuit Toggle with a parameter of 46, and this will toggle between Off to left, and with a parameter of 45 to toggle from off to right.
However, switching direct from left to right (or vica versa) is more problematic. If its on left, you have to send initially with a parameter of 45, and then with a parameter of 46 - when sending this second parameter it will then switch directly from right to left.

I've also looked to see if there is an offset that holds the current setting, but couldn't find one. This should be (I think) either in offset 0x2F58 (FUEL SELECTED TRANSFER MODE), or in 0x0AF8 (FUEL TANL SELECTOR), but the former doesn't seem to change (it holds a value of 5 for me...), and the latter holds a value of 19 on start-up, which is 'Left main', event though the fuel crossfeed is initially off. Changing these values also has no affect.

15 hours ago, codatcri said:

I need to manage the transition by a momentary (ON)/(ON) lever button.

But as the fuel transfer is a three position switch (i.e. left - off-right, which would equate to 2 buttons), how to you propose to manage this with one button? You could manage the two states (left/right) with one button if there was an offset that held the current position (by using offset conditions on your assignments), but you wouldn't be able to set to the off position doing that. Another possibility would be to use the generic triple use lua script for buttons (see the Contributions section), which would, for example, allow you to program a double press for Off, and a single press to switch between left and right. However, you would still need an offset to hold the current value/status, which doesn't seem possible at the moment.
There doesn't seem to be an lvar that holds this either.

I'll ask on the Asobo forums if why those simvars aren't being updated on the CJ4, or if there is anything else that can be used instead.


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