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Delayed load of GFDevFSX.exe possible?


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Looking for advise and suggestions...

I have been using FUSIPC for a very long time and just recently purchase FSUIPC7.  

I was able to finally get my goflight module rp48 working with FS2020 using the original GFDevFSX.exe.  So all the buttons, dials, and lights work and would prefer to use this over the GF64.dll in FSUIPC for the lights to register when I use the buttons.  

The caveat is GFDevFSX.exe must be ran after you have your flight loaded and in the cockpit. I tried the .ini [Programs] approach, If you load it before using RUN1=READY or  in FS2020 exe.xml, it does not work.

Any suggestion on how to create an event to fire off the GFDevFSX.exe or use a hot key to load/unload?  

Is there anything else I can do with the RUN1= in the .ini ? 

BTW - Great product, keep up the great work and contributions for the sim community!


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  • dandimm changed the title to Delayed load of GFDevFSX.exe possible?
53 minutes ago, Pete Dowson said:

Did you not try the DELAY option in the [Programs] section, as documented in the FSUIPC Advanced Users document?



Yes, but since it is a max of 60 seconds and I don't know how long it will take to pick my flight and load, it was not enough time to delay before I had the cockpit loaded.

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I think I found the culprit, it was the -FastLaunch switch and using the MSFS.bat file to launch FS2020. I think it may have been a permissions issue.

I am now just using the standard desktop Steam Fs2020 icon and Run1="C:\Program Files\GoFlight\GFDevFSX.exe" and it is starting and exiting properly.

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