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FSUIPC 7.0.5 assign Letters to joy and not numbers

Peter Muransky

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Dear friends, 

I have one question. I'm using FSUIPC with MSFS and with hidBravoButtons.lua . What I see is, that FSUIPC assign letters A,B,C to joy instead of numbers. So I'm stucked, when I want to use Flags for programming some toggle functions. i.e. with joy C, button 0 it is impossible to use flag 1005 with parameter 256*joy + button.

Could you please help me here?



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Hi John, 

thanks for your prompt answer. This is what I fugured out, so I know that My Joy "C" is Nr. 2. Is it possible to use Joy Nr. instead of Letter? (And FSUIPC will recognise it how it should)

For example: I have joy C (Nr. 2) and want to assign flag to button 0, so I use formula 256*2+0=512 ?

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You can still use the letters and assign to that flag. Did you try?
You can disable joyletters completely but I wouldn't recommend it, especially if you have assignments to those letters.

20 hours ago, Peter Muransky said:

i.e. with joy C, button 0 it is impossible to use flag 1005 with parameter 256*joy + button

Could you maybe explain in a bit more detail what you are trying to achieve, What are you assigning the button to? Or are you doing something in lua?

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Well, I try to programm in ini file assigment that:

1. If I press Button, it will toggle Flag coresponding to the button.

2. When flag is clear, button press set the FS Command, for example switch on hdg

3. When flah is set, button press will set different command, for example switch off hdg


I do this: 

35=PC,0,C1005,512     -{: Joy C (2) Button 0}-

P.S. to programm lua, well I am now far from it but reading me in. 

And next challenge will be A320neo MCP with SLOT_INDEX variables. 




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Ok, but that should work, expect I am wondering why you have this assignment:

     35=PC,0,C1005,512     -{: Joy C (2) Button 0}-

Do you need that? FSUIPC maintains the button flag - from the Advanced User guide:


For every possible “normal” button (16 joysticks x 32 buttons = 512 buttons) FSUIPC
maintains a “Flag” (F). Each time any button is pressed (goes from off to on) FSUIPC toggles its flag.

So you shouldn't also toggle the same flag as assigned to the button (in your assignment) as that will result in it changing back to the same state (i.e. toggles twice).

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