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Hi, John.

I need your help to achieve directly with FSUIPC what I have previously done with Arduino.  I have 8 momentary buttons on a voltage ladder connected to an analog input ("axis") of a virtual joystick.  I wish to use the axis ranges to trigger MSFS controls.  In FSUIPC, I have assigned the axis to a useless MSFS axis (but I have also tried to not assign it at all - same result).

Button presses are detected by the scan and correct values show up.  The programmed ranges are displayed OK in the "ranges for action" window.

However, the corresponding MSFS actions are not triggered.  I have tried with and without "repeat while held".  The other axes and buttons on that virtual joystick work fine.  What am I doing wrong?

I have attached the .ini file.




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19 hours ago, 3greens said:

I have attached the .ini file.

These are the assignments you made for the various axis ranges:

4=VS,BR,13000,15000,66851,0    -{ TO SIM: AXIS_SLEW_ALT_SETEntering=VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_1 }-
5=VS,BR,10000,12000,65636,0    -{ Entering=COM_RADIO_WHOLE_DEC }-
6=VS,BR,4500,6500,65603,0    -{ Entering=FLAPS_DOWN }-
7=VS,BR,0,3000,1025,0    -{ Entering=heading bug inc fast }-
8=VS,BR,-6000,-2000,66855,0    -{ Entering=VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_5 }-
9=VS,BR,-9500,-7000,66856,0    -{ Entering=VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_6 }-
10=VS,BR,-14000,-10500,66857,0    -{ Entering=VIEW_CAMERA_SELECT_7 }-

Now, of those, I'm pretty sure that Asobo have not yet linked up any of the View or Camera events. At present i think you are forced to making keypress assignments instead. You can still do that with your ranges -- the FSUIPC control for Key press and Release is 1070, and its parameter is the Keycode + 256*Shift code. The Advanced User's guide gives you these value. Use the keypresses already assigned in MSFS, or assign your own if preferred.

I would have thought that FLAPS DOWN would work, but maybe check it by a separate assignment. Same goes really for the other two.

You also shouldn't have any axis assignment as well, so delete this line:

3=VS,256,F,65870,0,0,0    -{ TO SIM: AXIS_SLEW_ALT_SET }-

It is that which results in that confusing added comment on the first defined range.



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6 minutes ago, 3greens said:

I had chosen that variety of selections at random for testing purposes.

Well, you could enable event logging in FSUIPC's Logging facilities, and see if they are logged, but then again, I think they are only logged when SimConnect accepts them and signals this to FSUIPC.



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