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Hotkey (Alt+F) will not open menu


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3 hours ago, PaulJ1940 said:

With FSUIPC7 running, when I press Alt+F something flashes quickly on the screen, and an icon appears in the taskbar, but the menu doesn't open.  Clicking the icon produces the same result.

It is probably being display outside of your screen coordinates. Delete the Window ini parameter from your FSUIPC7.ini file, in the [General] section.

Otherwise, if you hover over the FSUIPC7 icon in the task bar, you should see a pop-up of the main window which you can select, right-click and then move.

Clicking the system tray icon should just show you the icon context menu. You need to double-click to open, or single-click and then select 'Show...'.

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Sorry to bump an old thread but this happening to me.

I start MSFS via the FSUIPC7 desktop app and the sim opens but no FSUIPC7 interface appears.  I hit ALT + F on my keyboard and nothing.  I have to open up my FSUIPC install folder and use the application short cut to start FSUIPC.  So FSUIPC does work, but just no interface when using the desktop short cut or ALT + F.

Here is my .ini and log.  I always run as admin and I've tried a fresh install too.



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10 hours ago, Dreamflight767 said:

So FSUIPC does work, but just no interface when using the desktop short cut or ALT + F.

FSUIPC is just nit auto-starting. Alt+F will work once FSUIPC is running.

Please see 

Also, if you had taken a look at your installation log you would have seen the issue:


Adding FSUIPC7 auto-start the the MSFS EXE.xml.
Updating EXE.XML for Steam install
Error loading EXE.xml file: C:\Users\Dream\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\EXE.xml
**** Auto-start of FSUIPC7 with MSFS will not be enabled ****
**** To resolve, remove or rename this file and re-install:  C:\Users\Dream\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\EXE.xml****




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