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  1. I'll give that a go. Should the slop be positive or negative though?
  2. Hi: The FSUIPC manual says sensitivity should be full right and null zone full left. But doing so, my throttle sensitivity moves considerably. The minute I put my hand on my throttle, airplane throttles move significantly. Any help/tips please. Thanks.
  3. Hi: I need help understanding how to config. FSLabs with FSUIPC: From their manual "FSUIPC SETTINGS Use these recommended settings for null zones if you use FSUIPC to configure your stick axes: Ailerons: 13% of the full movement range number. Elevator: 16% of the full movement range number. Simply take the total axis range number and calculate the percentage mentioned above. Then use that percentage range number and apply it to your null zones. So if your total range number is 16400 for example, 13% of that is 2132. Then use one half of this number for the positive null zone value, and the other half for the negative null zone value" So: -I cannot figure out how to set null zones within FSUIPC. Where is that setting located? -With regards to the last sentence - do they want us to divide 2132 in half and use that number (so 1066?) or do they mean 2132 and -2132? -The manual does not state what values to use for rudder and throttle. I'm using Saitek x52 throttle/control stick and MFG rudder peddles. P3Dv4.5 HF3, most updated ver. of FSLabs and FSUIPC. I've asked on their site but no joy. Thanks.
  4. I am having issues too with the 2013 schedule. Be interesting to see if there is ever a solution.
  5. I'm having the CTD issue. Any updates on a solution?
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