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  1. Hi: I use both Honeycomb Yoke and Thrustmaster Joystick. I've built a profile for FSLabs Airbus but I cannot get FSUIPC to ignore the axis of the X & Y axis of the Honeycomb yoke. -I select "profile" button in the axis tab. -I move the X axis and hit the "ignore" button. -I hit "OK" -I repeat the process for the Y axis. But when I'm back in the cockpit and move the Honeycomb yoke, the flight control of the airplane keeps responding. I want the axis to be ignored but not buttons. Thanks, Aaron Ortega
  2. Sorry to bring up this old topic. But when you say "aircraft name", what does that mean? Airline, Developer, Aircraft Manufacture, Aircraft Model? I guess more specifically, what name of the profile needs to match what name in the sim? In my case, P3Dv5.1. Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much. I was able to follow your advice but had to slightly revise the steps because the ini kept deleting whatever I put the ";" in front of. I'll explain a little later the steps I took incase anyone else needs help.
  4. Hello: I have the Thrustmaster throttle quadrant. Since I fly the PMDG 747 and quadrant only has two thrust handles, I have throttle button #15 set to "Throttle2 Decr" & "Throttle4 Decr" for thrust reverse of engine 2 & 4. However, when I active thrust reverse, only engine #2 goes into reverse. I think it's because there is only 1 option to "Control to repeat..." Any ideas how I get engine #4 to reverse? Thanks, Aaron Ortega
  5. I'll give that a go. Should the slop be positive or negative though?
  6. Hi: The FSUIPC manual says sensitivity should be full right and null zone full left. But doing so, my throttle sensitivity moves considerably. The minute I put my hand on my throttle, airplane throttles move significantly. Any help/tips please. Thanks.
  7. Hi: I need help understanding how to config. FSLabs with FSUIPC: From their manual "FSUIPC SETTINGS Use these recommended settings for null zones if you use FSUIPC to configure your stick axes: Ailerons: 13% of the full movement range number. Elevator: 16% of the full movement range number. Simply take the total axis range number and calculate the percentage mentioned above. Then use that percentage range number and apply it to your null zones. So if your total range number is 16400 for example, 13% of that is 2132. Then use one half of this number for the positive n
  8. I am having issues too with the 2013 schedule. Be interesting to see if there is ever a solution.
  9. I'm having the CTD issue. Any updates on a solution?
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