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Can't find the Offset for some switches in Zlin 142 Aircraft

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I am a student working on making a Zlin 142 cockpit, and I am having some troubles in finding the right FSUIPC Offset for some switches and instruments.

I am using FSUIPC4 with P3Dv4, coding with C#. The Zlin 142 is a piston engine aircraft.

The Offsets which i can't find are :



Battery switch (not the Master Battery Offset, it is linked with the Main Switch)

Master ignition switch

Instruments switch

Inverter siwtch

Radio Com 1 switch (On/Off)


I really spent 2 or 3 weeks searching for the offsets.


I am really looking for your help.

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Most of these feature are not simulated by P3D. This means there are no offsets for them. I can suggest trying the following however:

  • Instruments switch - usually the 'Master Avionics' at 0x2E80
  • Master Ignition Switch - Maybe 0x3B00 General Engine 1 Starter , or, 0x0892 Engine 1 Magneto Switch Position

The features you listed are being simulated within the aircraft's code. They might be available to you in two ways:

1. The author of the plane might be using custom controls, or redundant controls (e.g. helicopter/turboprop controls).

2. The author might be storing the values for these features in local panel variables (LVARs).

There is no guarantee that the author has used these two methods. They might be completely inaccessible to you.

Here is how you can find out what is available:


These can be found by using the logging facilities in FSUIPC.

Select the Logging tab in FSUIPC and check the box for Events (non-axis controls). Also check the box to "Send to console window". Then operate the control in the aircraft (e.g. Inverter Switch).

If it uses an event its number will be logged in the console window. You can use via the DLL (FSUIPCConnection.SendControlToFS()), but only for control - you can't 'listen' for these events.

LVARS (Local Panel Variables)

Many aircraft store data in local panel variables. To see what it available for your aircraft:

Go to FSUIPC and assign a key press or joystick button to the control "List Local Panel Vars".

Make sure the console logging is enabled (see above), go back to the aircraft and press the button/key you just mapped. A list of LVAR names will be listed in the console. If any look useful you can use these from the DLL. (See FSUIPCConnection.ReadLVAR() and FSUIPCConnection.WriteLVAR() )



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