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Accessing PFC controls


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3 hours ago, Frankiejonah said:

When I access PFC to adjust controls, I see it refers to FSUIPC6.  FSUIPC7 is in the MSFS folder, so why don't I see that?

The PFC driver is identical except to make it recognise that FSUIPC7 is an EXE instead of a DLL. It needed to know because it attaches to FSUIPC and uses functions exported by it.

If there's some built-in text which hasn't been changed then that's because it is built in, and is the same on FSUIPC5, FSUIPC6 and FSUIPC7. I could generalise that if so (to "FSUIPC"). But if you are referring to something being logged then tthat seems odd. 

So, can you please be explicit. Where are you seeing this?

3 hours ago, Frankiejonah said:

 Am I being shown the correct PFC panel?

If you are getting the documented panels for PFC then the PFC driver is running okay. Otherwise you'd see nothing.

I would just like to know if the indication is an incorrect run-time indication or an unchanged built-in text.



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Thank you Pete for that very prompt response - as always.

I think your "built-in text" comment answers my concern.  I do see the mini window which enables control setting and MSFS aircraft controls do respond as expected.  In the case of the ailerons in particular, which prompted the replacement of its potentiometer.  That was a first in 20 years.  PFC equipment is beautifully engineered.

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