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WASMClient not collecting LVARs


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Hey John! I tried running your WASMClient.exe; the WASM Client connects perfectly, but does not collect any LVARS.  Here's the log entry:


Sun May 09 2021 17:17:35.385    [INFO]: Connected to MSFS
Sun May 09 2021 17:25:24.355    [INFO]: SimConnect_Close done


Can you offer suggestions on why that might be the case? 

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Have you installed the WASM? Did you have an aircraft loaded and 'ready-to-fly? If you have done both, please activate Debug level logging in both the WASM module and client and show them to me.

I haven't updated the WASM package/zip in a while. I'll update to the latest versions (and add version information) in the next few days.

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where did you get the WASMClient.exe from?  Uoi should download the zip package, which includes the WASM. Please see the announcement page: for details: 


Note if you are using FSUIPC7 (registered), you don't need to use the WASMClient. Most of the functions are available directly in FSUIPC7.

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