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WASM module not installing


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Afternoon, John


I just installed the latest FSUIPC7; however, even though I have selected WASM module for installation, it does not install.  It appears FSUIPC cannot find the community folder; however, it's in its default location.  Here's the  applicable exert from the log:

Installing FSUIPC7 WASM module in .
Create folder: \fsuipc-lvar-module
Output folder: \fsuipc-lvar-module
Skipped: layout.json
Skipped: manifest.json
Skipped: FSUIPC_WASM.ini
Create folder: \fsuipc-lvar-module\modules
Output folder: \fsuipc-lvar-module\modules
Skipped: FSUIPC7_WASM.wasm
Skipped: A320.hvar
Skipped: TBM.hvar
Skipped: DA40-NG.hvar
FSUIPC7 WASM module installation completed.


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Please try running the installer again (do not manually uninstall first - let the installer do that). Hopefully it should work the second time. If not, you can download and install manually.

For details on this issue, please see: 


Also, please check for similar posts before creating a new topic in future.



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