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Parameter setting for key programming


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I am running MSFS with FSUIPC7 (registered). I need help with programming Elevator Trim to a button. I refer to user manual page 25 and tried different parameters as i.e. 256/16383, 512/16383, 1024/16383 but I did not notice any change in trim characteristics.
I own a (bad) "Flightvelocity" trim wheel which sends button keypresses instead of axis data and I want to make trimming a bit more efficient than it is per default. 
Thank you

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Upon providing the requested logs to mr.Dowson, let's try manually offseting 0BC0 with a small SWord inc/dec with the value of 128 - or simply make these entries in the profile:



We're just gonna switch the red colored parts with the proper stuff - those xx replace properly with the next number in order relative to the rest of the commands you have there, of course.
Then for [joy_num] put the controller number (it can also be a letter !),and for [button_num] the button number you wanna assign the trim up and trim down commands to on that controller.
No no, without those square brackets...everything red goes away...so if we decided we're gonna use joystick 1, buttons 4 and 5 for trim up and trim down we shall go like:

56=P1,4,Cx32000BC0,x3FFF0080 <--- pressing button 4 on the joystick number 1 sends a single pulse of our fancy trim up

57=P1,5,Cx42000BC0,xC0010080 <--- pressing button 5 on the joystick number 1 sends a single pulse of our fancy trim down

So, the location of the letter "P" is where we supply the type of action.
As you already must have read in the manual, "P" send a single pulse of a certain command.

It might happen you require "R" instead - "repeat" - in which case each button press is gonna send the trim up/dn repeatedly at the speed defined up there under "PollInterval" and "ButtonRepeat".

I hope all of this makes sense...or at least that my solution works for you ! 😀

All the best !

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