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Settings in options do not work.


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There are settings in options that do not seem to work for example setting, 

Automatically Record Below XXXX i enter there 1000 and nothing happened, it did not start recording. I was testing the feature many times and it seems the way to do it is set the option, then start recording (press red button) then once it detects I am above/below XXXX altitude it will actually start recording. Only once using record ABOVE setting it worked as advertised.

Is this project dead or do you intend on providing some updates and support?


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yes i know and it doesnt do anything.. ONCE ONCE ONLY it recorder take off i set it to record once above 1000 and it worked as soon as i crossed 1000 it started to record, but i tried several time to record once descending i set it up to 1000 as well landed and nothing no recording was made


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Here i can give you one information , maybe i ll add in Readme if there is no this info inside. 

When you set these Triggers in any way you need push RECORD button at the start of flight . This is mandatory .

Pushing Record button it means for FCR that it is able to start recording (based on trigger)


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Yes Fabio I did press the Record Button, I figured it out when i successfully once recorder the take off video wiht option "start Above 1000" set

i will try later with another aircraft i was using A320 FBW... idk I understand it might not record flap positions and other detail info but regular recording works fine with it IDK maybe FCR doesnt know when I descent and cross the 1000 ft 

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