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Axes no longer recognised (FSUIPC4)

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*** Moved from FAQ sub-forum to main support forum ***

Hi, I have a weird problem. My system has stopped recognising axis input. (Ini and log files attached). WIN10 Pro 64; FSUIPC4; FSX; ORBX scenery. PC and sim was working fine until I needed to clean up my system and re-install a clean FSX, and also FSUIPC4. Following that, I checked everything in the MS dialog/devices/controllers/properties and all was fine. All axis and buttons appeared as normal. However, upon entering the FSUIPC input box, the buttons all assigned OK, but  none of the axis would appear - just a lot of jittering in the boxes. I have one Bodnar card for the main flight controls Elev, Ail, and Rudder, and a separate one for the Throttles, props, elev trim and flaps. None of the axis respond as above. I have checked over everything but am stumped! Any assistance, advise you can offer would be fallen upon gratefully.

Thank you in anticipation.




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  • John Dowson changed the title to Axes no longer recognised (FSUIPC4)

First, you posted in the FAQ sub-forum,  where it explicitly states NOT for support requests. I have moved your post for you.

You also attached a continuation log, which is useless to us. I need to see the full log file. And also turn off all logging unless asked to activate.

11 minutes ago, grdrew said:

but  none of the axis would appear - just a lot of jittering in the boxes.

So there is no movement in the axis at all in the FSUIPC assignments dialog box? What do you mean by "jittering in the boxes"?

Could you attach a full FSUIPC4.log file, and also your FSUIPC4.JoyScan.csv file please.


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