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12 hours ago, tosco92 said:

if I'm gonna test with nothing in it, does Fsuipc work?

Yes, it will work, but you will have no access to lvars or hvars. The FSUIPC WASM module, that can be optionally installed into the Community folder,  provides access to these. If you dont use lvars or hvars, you don't need to install it.


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8 hours ago, tosco92 said:

you mean like radio panels?

Not exactly, but I'm sure they are available for the radio panels.

lvaes are simulatoe 'local variables', and hvars 'html variables'.  They give further information and allow for more advanced controls than the standard controls/events or standard simvars (those held in FSUIPC offsets). lvars are also available in FSX/P3D, but mainly used for more advanced functionality not available via other means (and more reliable than mouse-macros). hvars are new to MSFS2020, and are variables for UI elements that you can 'activate', which replaces mouse-macro functionality available in previous versions of FSUIPC.

Please see the Advanced user guide on how to use lvars/hvars with FSUIPC. Note that the FSUIPC only explains how to access/use these type of simulator variables, for general information on what they are, try the Asobo/P3D forums or google.

But if you don't know what they are and don't use them, you don't need the FSUIPC WASM module (or anything else) in your Community folder to use FSUIPC.


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