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WASM Module not working after calling end() and then restarting

Paul Henty

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Hi John,

One of my users reported problems with the MSFSVariableServices not working after stopping and restarting. I've confirmed this but then found it also happens with your client exe.

This is for WASM Module 0.5.5. with the DLL and client from the 0.5.5 zip file.

To reproduce the problem:

  1. Load any flight and be ready to fly
  2. Run the wasm client and select start
  3. Get the value of any LVAR, change the control in the sim and then get the new value. This works okay.
  4. Select stop in the client
  5. Then start again
  6. Get the value of the lvar again. Change the control in the sim. Get the LVar value again. This time it hasn't changed and gives the same value as before.

There are wasm logs in the original thread if you want to see (linked below), but basically after restarting the log just repeats

 [TRACE]: Config data requested...




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Hi Paul,

Ok, I'll take a look, but tomorrow. I have a suspicion that this is due to the config data being the same, therefore the config data client area update isn't triggering the callback in the client. If that's the case, should be easy to fix....but I wonder why this issue hasn't arisen before. Anyway, I'll take a look, hopefully tomorrow, and get back to you.


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Hi Paul,

Turned out to be due to not resetting the data definition Ids when starting (or stopping) the simconnect connection, and so it was continually waiting for the client config data on a definition Id that didn't exist. This has been corrected now on WAPI v0.5.5 - all repos updated, and I have updated the zip package to 0.5.5a (now containing WASM 0.5.5 and WAPI 0.5.5, as well as the updated WASMClient).




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