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Ap Alt Var Set English Question


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After the recent SU7 MSFS update I have found that a Lua script that used to work to set a target altitude in the G1000NXi via offset 0x07D4 no longer works. But this script still does work for the G3000, so it seems to me something has changed with the G1000NXi.  In trying to figure out what is going on, as an experiment I assigned a key for the event AP Alt Var Set English along with a parameter value which is the target altitude. Again I find that this works for the G3000 but not the G1000NXi.  So I'd just like to understand how FSUIPC7 invokes the event AP Alt Var Set English  in case this might provide a clue to help explain what might have changed with the G1000NXi.



Edit: The WT guys just found that there was a change made to the G1000NXi altitude code, hopefully that will be fixed so offset 0x07D4 will again work.  In the meantime they suggested using the simvar AUTOPILOT ALTITUDE LOCK VAR:1.  Is there a way to invoke a simvar within a Lua script?

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17 hours ago, ark1320 said:

So I'd just like to understand how FSUIPC7 invokes the event AP Alt Var Set English

FSUIPC just uses the AP Alt Var Set English control/event. No idea why this has changed. Are you using the stick G1000NXi or a mod?

Btw, just release FSUIPC7 v7.2.13, which has been recompiled against the latest MSFS SDK for SU7 (, as well as containing a few bug-fixes + additional offsets/features.


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