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Pilatus PC-6 Set_Fuel_Valve_Eng1


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2 hours ago, JoeAir said:

The FSUIPC Console log shows Set_Fuel_Valve_Eng1 when lever be moved.
Is there a possibility to assign this lever a axis in FSUIPC ?

Is this actually an axis control then? i.e. the parameters to that control are over a range and not 1/0  (on/off)?
Please confirm, and if that is the case then yes I can flag them as axes controls. I will post a version here for you to test once confirmed.


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4 minutes ago, JoeAir said:

No, not an axis, it has parameter 1. In sim it looks like an lever.

So the lever just acts as an on/off button, no? Then why do you want to assign it as an axis?
You can assign to that control to any button or switch.
If you really want to assign to an physical axis, you can initially assign the axis to an unused axis control (left hand side of axis assignments dialog) and then assign to the Set Fuel Valve Eng1 in the right hand side of the assignments panel, with a parameter of 1 when going into a certain range and a parameter of 0 when exiting.

Otherwise, please explain exactly what you are trying to achieve, i.e. what are you trying to assign to this? Have you tried assigning something to that control?

Having download/update issues with SU7 so can't take a look at the PC-6 yet, will do later if you can provide further info on what you are actually trying to do.



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4 hours ago, JoeAir said:

for the new PC-6 in MSFS there is a lever for idle control.

Where is this lever? Is it the one with the tooltip 'ENGINE CONDITION'?
There are a few lvars that look they relate to this lever:
 And I can see that a FUEL_SELECTOR_ALL event is also logged with a parameter of 1 when you move to a certain position - then its logged with value 0 straight afterwards (this event seems to be continually logged!).

I've tried setting those lvars but that didn't seem to have any affect. It may be possible with a combination of setting lvars and sending events (via calculator code), but first you need to determine the lvar changes and events sent when you move in the UI and then try and replicate.
Otherwise, there seem to be quite a few events that don't seem to have any affect when sent via Simconnect (e.g. using FSUIPC) but do when assigned in the sim. If you find a control/event in the MSFS control assignments that works, you can assign this to a key press (in MSFS) and then assign to that keypress in FSUIPC7.

I am pretty busy at the moment with various issues with the latest SU7 and FSUIPC7 updates so don't have time to look into this any further at the moment. I can maybe take a further look later in the week, once things have settled down a bit....


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I did some more checking on this. There is also an lvar called ENG FUEL VALVE. However, no combination of setting lvars and sending controls seems to have any affect on the condition lever.

i have also looked at the MSFS assignments. If you search for 'condition' you will find that there are many controls that should control this lever (under the CONDITION LEVER settings):
    Increase/Decrease Condition Lever
    Increase/Decrease Condition Lever 1/2/3/4
    Condition Lever Low Idle
    Condition Lever High Idle
    Condition Lever Cut Off
    Condition Lever 1/2/3/4 Low Idle
    Condition Lever 1/2/3/4 High Idle
    Condition Lever 1/2/3/4 Cut Off
    Condition Lever Axis
    Condition Lever 1/2/3/4 Axis

I have also tried assigning to some of these controls (in MSFS) but also with no success.
It therefore looks like this is currently not possible.
If you could assign to this in MSFS, you would be able to assign in FSUIPC.

I think you need to report this to Asobo if you want this corrected.


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