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Prosim : lights on WidevieW cliënt pc


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Hello John,Pete,

This is not entirely FSUIPC related but perhaps you can give me a suggestion where to start.

I am trying to get the Landing Lights, Runway Turn Off Lights and Taxiway Light to work on my left view pc. The PC is client in a WidevieW setup. 
The server is my front view pc and the client my left view pc

In P3Dv4/5 I have the lights working and now I am hoping to get them to work too in MSFS.

In P3D I only had to add files to the Modules folder and it I assigned OVH switches to commands. Those commands are still assigned in Prosim.

As I did not find a Modules folder I was wondering how to continue.

I have some LUA files but also dll files and do not know where to put them …

Any idea would be ver welcome.Thank you in advance.

Here the topic I made at the Prosim forum with screenshots :



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2 hours ago, GSalden said:

As I did not find a Modules folder I was wondering how to continue.

The Modules folder was the installation folder for all versions of FSUIPC prior to FSUIPC6. For FSUIPC6 and FSUIPC7, the Modules folder is now just the FSUIPC6/7 installation folder, i.e. where you selected to install FSUIPC7. If you do not know where that is, use the File -> Open Installation Folder... menu item. That is where your lua files go.

Note also that you can now also run FSUIPC7 on a client PC. Not sure if that is useful to you or not, but details on how to do this can be found here: 




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