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4 minutes ago, calibx said:

This is an ongoing project, there is still a lot to add.
More info here: Home · calibx/msfsdeck Wiki (github.com)

From that page:



Use SimConnect

Waiting for a 64 Bits Loupedeck app.


No offset


No offset

Fuel transfert pump

Can't find the good offset


Can't find the good offset

There are Pause offsets  - see 0x0262 and 0x0264.
For the Fuel Transfer Pump, there is an indexed variable

  FUEL TRANSFER PUMP ON:index Returns 1 (TRUE) if the indexed pump is active. Bool  

Which could be added, if needed/useful, but this is only available in aircraft that use the new MSFS FuelSystem.
Note I recently added a similar indexed variable FUELSYSTEM PUMP ACTIVE for up to 16 pumps.

There are also several zoom offsets, but I am not sure of their status in MSFS - these have not been checked, but I suspect they are no longer available in MSFS as the view/camera system is very different.

Thank you for your contribution.


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  • 2 years later...

First let me say what an awesome job you did on LoupeDeck MSFS profile/configuration.

I have two questions:

1. On the FlySimware Lear 35, the ALT SEL doesn’t adjust the altitude setting.  According to the Developers, they use LVARS for that setting. Any workaround for this? Response:   For the Lear you have to write to the Lvar L:ALERTER_DIGITAL 

2. Is there any way to add the standard camera views cockpit and external?

Again, excellent work on this project!



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