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FSUIPC and P3D v5.3 hf2

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I have v 5.1 and v 5.3 on my PC. FSUIPC shows up as active in both versions and all my allocated switches/encoders etc show correctly. However FSUIPC only WORKS in v 5.1. P3D v5.3 FSUIPC allocated switches do not work ???  All my Saiteck gear programmed through SPAD.NEXT work fine !!!!

I have FSUIPC installed in C drive in it's own folder.

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On 1/26/2022 at 9:44 PM, rodder47 said:

I have v 5.1 and v 5.3 on my PC.

How can you have both 5.1 and 5.3 installed on the same PC? I did not think  this was possible...
How did you install FSUIPC6 into both versions? The installer will only find one version, based upon the P3D registry entries, and install into that....
Did you manually create an add-on.xml file for one of the P3D versions?
Are you using the same FSUIPC6 installation for each version?

Try activating logging in FSIUPC for Buttons & Key presses as well as events. Then produce a short log file in each version, where you load an aircraft and then operate one of your switches (that works in one version and not in the other). Then exit P3D. Do this in each version and show me your FSUIPC6.ini and the two FSUIPC6.log files, one for each P3D version.

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Thanks John, I sorted out the problem by deleting 5.1 completely and reinstalling 5.3. Main reason why I had both installed was because of problems with 5.3, whereas I never had them with 5.1, but since the latest HF2 update all sorted....


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