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This is usually due to the fact that the installer detects a steam installation when you are in fact using a MS Store installation, or the MSFS UserCfg.opt file cannot be located.
Can you attach your InstallFSUIPC7.log file please and I can take a look.

Also, please update to the latest version, v7.3.1. Only the latest version of FSUIPC7 is supported.


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Are you using an MSFS version from Steam or the MS Store?

If using a steam version, please see the README.txt file included in the zip file you downloaded:


Problems running FSUIPC7
1. ...

3. FSUIPC7 does not auto-start with MSFS, even though this option was selected during installation.
   If you find that FSUIPC7 doesn't start with MSFS, this is usually due to a problem with your EXE.xml file. Please check your InstallFSUIPC7.log file.
   This is usually due to another add-on corrupting the EXE.xml file. To resolve, you can delete/rename your current EXE.xml file (whose location can be
   determined from your InstallFSUIPC7.log file) and re-install FSUIPC7. However, the add-on that corrupted the EXE.xml may not be started automatically.
   You will need to manually add this back if you want this app to also auto-start. Details on how to do this can be found in various FSUIPC7 support threads.
   If FSUIPC7 doesn't auto-start with MSFS, you should also try to manually start FSUIPC7 to at least verify that it is working before you correct the auto-start process.

If you are using an MS Store installed version, delete this file:
    C:\Users\Pc\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt

Also, please make sure that you extract the files from the zip file you downloaded before running them. From the log file you attached, it looks like you are trying to run the installer directly from the zip file (windows allows you to do this for some reason) - this can cause issues:


Running in folder 'C:\Users\Pc\AppData\Local\Temp\7zOC5A9BC5C'


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