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Can I use FSUIPC7 as a bridge from PMDGNG3 to Offset ?


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I have discovered FreeFD virtual instrument displays.  It will work as a solution until the PMDG 737 supports PopOut windows.  The software is quite old and expects classic FSX offsets for some display items. 

Is there some way that FSUIPC7 can grab a PMDGNG3 variable value and push it into an another variable / offset so the client doesn't know the difference? I have had some success with SPAD, but many variables won't pass the value on to the app. 

It needs to come from FSUIPC7. 

If it could internaly provide a "conversion", that would solve many problems getting the Home Cockpit working with new planes that use their own vars.

Would LVARS to OFFSETS do it for me?  It wouldn't be a new offset , but an existing one.

I would use the list of FSX offsets to find the ones I need to write to and need some examples of the entries required as this is new to me.

My first task is to tackle the Autothrottle speed target as displayed above the left tape in IEDI.  It works with the stock 747 in MSFS  but not the PMDG737 so I need to grab the PMDG value and push it into the offset that the App will see.

Any tools , docs or examples to help me would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT:   It looks like the PMDG 737 broadcasts the Airspeed hold via PMDGNG3:Glareshield.Mode.control panel.IASMach  and I would have to push that into offset 07DC  or 07E2.

Not sure if FSUIPC can see the PMDGNG3 vars yet.


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  • smoothchat changed the title to Can I use FSUIPC7 as a bridge from PMDGNG3 to Offset ?

FSUIPC has a 'spoofing' facility activated by offset 0x0024, which allows another value to to override the actual offset value when being read from external programs - see the offset documentation for details. I also provided a script to show how this is done for the parking brake offset 0x0BC8 substituting the value with the value from the lvar L:A32NX_PARK_BRAKE_LEVER_POS - see


As for the specific PMDG variables, I am still unsure what PMDG are providing for the MSFS version. For P3D/FSX, PMDG provided additional data that is added to a specific PMDG offset area. I am still waiting to hear from PMDG if this additional data is available in the MSFS version, or if they are now providing this information in another way, such as via lvars. If PMDG are providing this data (via custom client data areas) I will update FSUIPC7 to include this data and provide documentation on what is available.  I will post updates on this is the following thread: 



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1 hour ago, smoothchat said:

That video shows that it's no trade secret that SPAD alpha supports the new 737 using the same basic names.

I'll take a look next week (Wednesday - holiday until then...) - but if they are lvars, they are already available. Try listing the lvars - Addon->WASM->List Lvars - and see if they are there...


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8 minutes ago, adnanso said:

I personally use the included file PMDG_NG3_VC_700.xml to locate Lvars and events , everything seems to be listed inside

located here :


Ok, that is interesting, thanks. I'll take a look...once I have the aircraft....!

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17 hours ago, John Dowson said:

There are currently no specific FSUIPC offsets for the MSFS PMDG 737. As I said in my first response, I am waiting to see if the data is available to populate such offsets.


Sure.  No Probs.  FYI, according to SPAD, they're all the same as NGXu (NG3), but of course, we want the official word from PMDG.  Many of us have already set up all our hardware with it.  Cheers.

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