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FSUPC7 not starting MSFS WIN11


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Hello new Windows 11 installation and MSFS Windows Store version. FSUIPC not starting with sim using shortcut installer created or regular MSFS shortcut. I am not running sim as admin does that matter? I have to run FSUIPC7 exe manually after MSFS started. Thank you!

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5 minutes ago, flightcheck said:

I am not running sim as admin does that matter?

No - you should not run the sim as admin, or FSUIPC7, unless you have a need to do so. All programs communicating to MSFS should be ran at the same priority level, so if you are running MSFS without admin privileges, make sure FSUIPC7 is also ran without admin privileges.

Ither than that, I have nothing more to say on this issue that I haven't already said (many times...!_...please see the following posts:

Read those posts and check your EXE.xml. If that file is in the correct format and in the correct location then I have no idea why MSFS is not starting FSUIPC7. You can go back to the older method of having the MSFS.bat file start FSUIPC7 - details on how to do this are in those posts I referenced.

I will create a FAQ topic on this issue and put all relevant information there....when I get time!


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