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Tiller and rudder on the PMDG 737-700 under MSFS


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I tried several settings to get the best Tiller and Rudder Steering on my PMDG 737, but for some reason it does not feel as fluid as with the PMDG 737 NGXu under Prepar3d 😞

I played a lot with the sensitivities of MSFS, slopes of FSUIPC and so on.

At the moment I'm using "Steering Tiller" over Send direct to FSUIPC calibration and "Rudder" also over send direct to FSUIPC calibration.

Using Rudder of MSFS and Tiller function of FSUIPC does somehow not work. Both axis seem to work against each other very unnaturally.

So I decided to stay with having both axis assigned to FSUIPC.

Does anyone have a recommendation what works really well?

Thank you!

Best regards Andi

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12 hours ago, 737Andi said:

At the moment I'm using "Steering Tiller" over Send direct to FSUIPC calibration and "Rudder" also over send direct to FSUIPC calibration.

Maybe take a look at the MaxSteerSpeed ini parameter (and maybe also RudderBlendLowest) which allows you to control the amount of tiller/rudder blending for different groundspeeds. Also make sure both axes are calibrated properly.

If using/assigning rudder in MSFS, assigning to FSUIPC's 'Steering Tiller' will cause issues -you should assign to Steering Set (under Send to FS as normal axis).

This is the documentation section on the steering tiller (in case you missed it) from the FSUIPC7 User Guide (page 30):


One additional axis of note is the Steering Tiller. Note that MSFS does actually provide a Steering Axis
which can also be assigned and calibrated in FSUIPC. The MSFS offering may be better with some aircraft.
You'll need to choose.

The FSUIPC version uses the MSFS Rudder control, but it can be calibrated separately (e.g. to be more
responsive—use the inverse S-shaped slope options). If the steering tiller axis is assigned, you must then
calibrate it in FSUIPC's Joysticks section (this is on the same page as the PAN controls … sorry!). You need
to calibrate the rudder axis in FSUIPC too. Then the two are used together as follows:

When on the ground and at any ground speed less than 60 knots (default—adjustable by the MaxSteerSpeed
parameter in the INI file), the actual MSFS rudder action is controlled by a blend of the tiller and rudder axis
inputs. At low speed it is predominantly tiller (with a minimum contribution from the rudder input of 10% of
its deflection), and as speed increases the tiller becomes gradually less effective and (above 6 knots) the
rudder input more so. Above the
MaxSteerSpeed, or in the air, the tiller has no effect.

As with all of the axis and joystick facilities, the calibrations, assignments and parameters such as
MaxSteerSpeed, can be different for different aircraft. The MaxSteerSpeed parameter actually has several
options which can control the rate at which the blending occurs, so it doesn't have to be linear. Please refer to
the Advanced Users guide if you want to know more.



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