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MFD Button on 737NG3


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45 minutes ago, guit33 said:

In fact I do not find a rotor barke event in the list in fsuip (select for Fs control) for this, How can I do ?

Well, the Rotor Brake control/event is certainly there, so I suggest you look again...

However, you do not say what FS or version of FSUIPC you are using - this is always helpful...

I presume you are not using FSUIPC7/MSFS (as there is no PMDG 737NG3 for this FS!). The Rotor Brake control is used by the PMDG 737-700 for MSFS, but the PMDG 737NG3 (for FSX and P3D) do not use the rotor brake control, they use custom controls. To use these, please see the following FAQ entry:

And if you look in the PMDG_NG3_SDK.h header file, you will see these events defined:

#define    EVT_MPM_MFD_SYS_BUTTON                    (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 462)    
#define    EVT_MPM_MFD_ENG_BUTTON                    (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 463)    

That FAQ entry will show you how to use those events/custom controls.



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14 minutes ago, guit33 said:

I am on fsuicp7 7.3.7+MFS2020

Then you have posted in the wrong forum - there is a specific sub-forum for FSUIPC7 / MSFS - I will move your post to that forum.

And you must be using the 737-700, which is the PMDG 737 for MSFS.

And what I said in my previous post does not apply - the MSFS version does use the Rotor Brake control, unlike previous PMDG airliners.

17 minutes ago, guit33 said:

So what I understand is that if this command is not in the list (Rotor brake) there is nothing to do ?

But it IS in the list. It cannot not be there....check the document Controls List for MSFS Build 999.txt (in your FSUIPC7 Documents folder). You should see it listed there, and it will also be in the controls drop-down menus.

You may also be interested in the latest beta which supports additional PMDG offsets for the 737 - see 



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Looking at the MobiFlight preset list, there are the following input presets:

PMDG B737 Eng : 46301 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE)
PMDG B737 Sys : 46201 (>K:ROTOR_BRAKE)

as well as the following output ones:

PMDG B737 Eng : (L:switch_435_73X, number) 0 >

So you should be able to use the Rotor Brake control with parameters 46301 and 4620, or assign to the presets directly


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