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LVARs not available


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I hope your holiday was enjoyable.  When time permits, would you mind reviewing the attached logs and offering advice regarding the subject line.? Both members FSUIPC7 > Addon > List Lvars are greyed out.  Although I've become 'ok' at troubleshooting this event, I can't figure this one out.  Thank you!


FSUIPC7_dan.log FSUIPC7_v.log

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2 hours ago, kingm56 said:

I hope your holiday was enjoyable. 

Yes, thanks - but far too short!

2 hours ago, kingm56 said:

would you mind reviewing the attached logs and offering advice regarding the subject line.?

The first log is for a registered version on windows 11 but ends after 21 seconds by user request - it is useless to me as it shows nothing.

The second log file is more interesting, but is from an unregistered version in windows 10. All lvars/hvars have been received, and so should be available for use/assignments - are you sure the WASM menu items weren't enabled? I will look into this (i.e. on an unregistered version), but if the WASM menu items are disabled once you have an aircraft loaded and ready-to-fly (and lvars.hvars have been received) can you try:
   1. Disconnecting and re-connecting from MSFS to see if that triggers the menu enable once the lvars/hvars have been received
   2. Exit and re-start FSUIPC7 to see if that enables the menu items on lvar/hvar exception

Note that the menu items should be available once a message similar to the following is displayed in the FSUIPC7 main window (and not before):


Welcome to FSUIPC
1961 Lvars loaded, 0 hvars loaded, 7825 presets available

i.e. after the number of lvars/hvars/presets loaded has been reported

Also, when you attach a log, can you give some information on how and when FSUIPC7 was started and, if not auto-started, the state if the sim -  was the sim in the main menu or was an aircraft loaded and ready-to-fly? Also, its not a good idea to start FSUIPC7 when MSFS is in a pause state. Its generally better to have FSUIPC7 auto-started by MSFS.

I also see you are using the beta version 7.3.9c. I released an updated beta 7.3.9d earlier today so please update.


Later: after checking the code, I cannot see how the WASM menu items were not enabled after this message in your second log file:
       299204  [DEBUG]: EVENT_LVARS_RECEIVED:14 of 14: dwObjectID=0, dwDefineID=17, dwDefineCount=1, dwentrynumber=1, dwoutof=1
The WASM menu items are enabled after all lvars have been received, as indicated by that message.

Edited by John Dowson
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