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Calculator Code on Multiple Lines?


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FSUIPC7 calculator code is a wonderful capability!  The examples I've seen always express the XML code on a single line. XML code can get "long" ( which I assume is why up to 1023 characters can be used) and I was wondering if there might be a way to use multiple lines like in the example below. What I've tried has not worked.

                   ipc.execCalcCode (" (L:AP_PFT_COUNTER, number) 21 >=
                    if{ 1 (>L:AP_PFT_POWER,bool) 0 (>L:AP_PFT_COUNTER_ENABLE,bool) 0 (>L:AP_PFT_COUNTER, number) }  
                       (A:CIRCUIT ON:9,bool) 0 ==
                        0 (>L:AP_PFT_POWER,bool)
                        0 (>L:AP_PFT_COUNTER, number)
                        0 (>L:AP_PFT_COUNTER_ENABLE,bool)
                        0 (>L:AP_MEM,bool)
                        0 (>L:YAW_DAMPER_MEM,bool)
                       (A:AUTOPILOT FLIGHT DIRECTOR ACTIVE,Bool) 1 ==
                        if{ (>K:TOGGLE_FLIGHT_DIRECTOR) }
                         }  }  ") 

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7 hours ago, John Dowson said:

No - the calculator code must all be on one line, currently up to a maximum of 1024 bytes. It is not possible to change this for various reasons.


Ok, thanks for the info John. I wasn't asking you to change anything. I thought there might be a special EOL character or string concatenation character that would work with the current implementation.

Thanks again for this calculator XML code capability -- very useful!


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