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MSFS Elevator Trim response delayed


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Hello there,

In MSFS, when using a button to control elevator trim, I noticed that on pressing an holding the button, the trim wheel or indication (in digital cockpits) moves only one short, single step in the assigned direction, then briefly pauses for about a half second, before then setting the trim continuously. Since this is not realworld behavior, I purchased FSUIPC and set Offset SWord Increment/Decrement for x0BC0 with 80/16384, hoping this would mitigate the issue. However, I observe the same behavior: holding the button moves trim by a single unit, then pauses, then rolls the trim continuously at a constant speed.

The realworld behavior is the following: When pressing the trim button, trim instantly starts rolling at the preset speed until the button is released. There is no time gap, or initial "short/fine trim movement" or whatever. It just moves at the speed its supposed to move until one depresses the button. If you only want a small trim input, you simply press or shift the button or control for a shorter period of time, even if just for an instant.

Is there a way to simulate the real world behavior, with no pause and constant trim input for the entire duration of button press?

Kind regards,


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You need to adjust the ButtonRepeat ini parameter - see the Advanced User guide, page 16.
The default value for this is:
This will give a half-second delay between the initial button press and the first repeated button press (as explained in the documentation). If you want no such delay, change this to

Note that this will affect all button repeats, not just for trim.




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