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Display P3D and MSFS Aircraft Flight Parameters


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Here are two small Lua scripts I call P3D_Flt_Params.lua (for P3D) and MSFS_Flt_Params.lua (for MSFS2020) that display trim values, the flaps setting, and landing gear position in a small window.  The possible landing gear values are Up, Down, and Transit (when gear is moving). The scripts can be expanded to include other parameters if desired. Note at the top of the scripts you have to enter a value for flaps_max. Since the max flaps value can be different for different aircraft, if you have a few aircraft with different values for this, you can simply just have a few copies of the script with different names, e.g., Learjet_Params.lua. C402_Params.lua, etc., or of course you can change the value in the script as needed (setting the max flap value based on the aircraft name in the aricraft.cfg file is another but more involved approach for this). Note however, the total number of characters in the script name to the left of the .lua cannot be more than 16. You can also make changes at the top of the scripts to resize or reposition the windows. Assign a key or button to a script to toggle the window on and off.



P3D Window



MSFS Window




P3D_Flt_Params.lua MSFS_Flt_Params.lua

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You can get the mixture lever position (as a double  with 0.0=cutOff, 1.0=full rich) in offsets:
    0x3AF0 - engine 1
    0x3970 - engine 2
    0x3A30 - engine 3
    0x38B0 - engine 4
It should be straightforward to add code to read the value from these offsets and display these as well.

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