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AI Offsets 2900–200B


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Could you provide any more information on these AI offsets?

The details are:

Write (in one FSUIPC write, or else at least with the AI ID last and in the

same Process call):

offset 0x2900 --DWORD, the ID of the aircraft (from the TCAS table)

offset 0x2904 --DWORD, The FS control (see list of FS2004 controls on


offset 0x2908 --32-bit integer, the parameter for the control, if it uses


Not all the controls will do anything. In fact, by experiments to date, not many will do anything. Hopefully none will actually crash anything, but I wouldn't swear to it. I have tried ENGINE AUTO SHUTDOWN and ENGINE AUTO START, and these seem to work.

Aircraft deletion can be achieved, and this uses the same mechanism, but set the FS control to 0xFFFF (i.e. 65535). That works and so far I've seen no ill effects (apart from aircraft being zapped of course).

You can send several controls one after the other, in the same FSUIPC

Process if you like, for the same or different aircraft. FSUIPC takes action

when it sees the ID being written, so make sure the other bits are either

written at the same time (same FSUIPC Write), or beforehand.

Let me know how you get on, please.



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