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Good morning, 

I'm using FSUIPC 7.5.3 for MSFS, and it's not starting when I open MSFS, even though I have "Auto Connect" enabled in FSUIPC.  I've had the software since MSFS was released in 2020, and I've always had this issue no matter how many times I've updated.  To be clear, FSUIPC still runs and works well, but I need to start it manually every time.  Also, if FSUIPC not running, the key and control assignments I've assigned do not work, and I have to change them when it opens.  Am I doing something wrong here?  Any help you can provide is appreciated. 


Kevin Davis 

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1 hour ago, kdavis30 said:

I'm using FSUIPC 7.5.3 for MSFS

No such version - the latest (and only supported) version is 7.3.15 (maybe a typo?).

1 hour ago, kdavis30 said:

it's not starting when I open MSFS, even though I have "Auto Connect" enabled in FSUIPC. 

Auto-connect and auto-start are two distinct things...

Auto-start is enabled when you install FSUIPC7, if you opt to install this component - it is installed by default and will only not be installed/enabled if you uncheck the auto-start box during installation.

There are many support requests on auto-start, and I have summerized all possible causes and solutions in the following FAQ entry, so please refer to this:

Please also see the README.txt file (included in the FSUIPC7 zip file you downloaded), which contains the following:


Problems running FSUIPC7
3. FSUIPC7 does not auto-start with MSFS, even though this option was selected during installation.
   If you find that FSUIPC7 doesn't start with MSFS, this is usually due to a problem with your EXE.xml file. Please check your InstallFSUIPC7.log file.
   This is usually due to another add-on corrupting the EXE.xml file. To resolve, you can delete/rename your current EXE.xml file (whose location can be
   determined from your InstallFSUIPC7.log file) and re-install FSUIPC7. However, the add-on that corrupted the EXE.xml may not be started automatically.
   You will need to manually add this back if you want this app to also auto-start.
   Please see the following FAQ entry for further details on this as well as other possible causes:
   I will NOT RESPOND to further support requests regarding this issue - I will reference this FAQ entry and close/lock the topic.
   If you must post, please use that topic referenced - but don't expect a reply, from me at least!



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