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Auto load Profile Specific ?


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I ran into this just yesterday. If you've set profile specific buttons, they "hide" you're default button configuration, so they are auto-loaded and work as expected.

It looks like that checkbox is simply to decide which assignment you're editing (note that it's different than the axes checkbox is becomes immutable).


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Yes, the profile specific button section is always loaded. It is just that they are only recognised in the button assignment window if you manually check the profile specific checkbox, which is different from how axes assignments work. It was implemented this way (many years ago) to allow you to add general button assignments even if you are using a profile, as these are also inherited by the profile, unless overridden.

However, I think it should be possible, and also preferential, to show any current profile button assignment when a profile specific assigned button is pressed. This would prevent you adding a general assignment to the same button, but I don't see that as an issue.

This has actually been something I have been meaning to look into for quite a while now.... Once the support requests drop off (I am spending ALL my time on support these days ... please note @pilotjohn😉) and I have more free time, there are many small things like this that I would like to look into and improve....


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