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Problem with 7.3.16 MSFS


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This is very strange...I cannot see how any of the changes from 7.3.15 to 7.3.16 could cause such an issue, unless caused by the update to the latest MSFS SDK (*). AIG doesn't use FSUIPC (as far as I am aware), but AI companion does - or at least the P3D version does. Could you maybe try without AI Companion, to see if is the interaction with that and FSUIPC that is causing the issue.

Also, could you please check your FSUIPC log files to see if there are any messages relating to AI (especially the separate AI threads). However, if the issue is with TC and AI Companion, I doubt there would be anything in the FSUIPC logs. You could also enable logging of AI data, but I don't think this would help either if the issue itself isn't in FSUIPC7. To do this, enter a Log->Custom value of 0x10000 or 0x50000 (for all AI data logging).

i still haven't gotten around to looking at AIG with MSFS yet. I will check this at some point, but it will probably take me a week or two to look into this I'm afraid.


(*) I could possibly build a version of 7.3.16 against the previous SDK to rule this out, if its possible to download this version from somewhere - unfortunately I no longer have this available and can't find one online...

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