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GPS/NAV Switch Simvar ?


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Do you have any idea how to toggle the GPS/NAV switch found in many GAs that often syncs with the CDi softkey in the Garmin GNS OR GTNs ?

I'm using a Mk2 and an XL Streamdeck and have Axis and Ohs AND FSUIPC. Can't find anything close in the list of simvars.



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To assign a button or key to any VC button or switch, use the following technique:

1. First try logging: activate logging for Events (Log -> Events), open the logging console (Log -> Open Console...) and then activate the button/switch/rotary in the VC. See what event is logged, and try assigning to that. Note however, some events used by the VC and logged do not work when sent via external programs, but the vast majority do.

2. Look to see if there is a preset available - use the MF HubHop site (https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/presets/) to search for an input  preset for the aircraft/subsytem function that you want to assign. All presets are available for direct assignment by checking the Select for preset checkbox in the assignment dialog.


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Simvars are A-type simulator variables, and some are held in FSUIPC offsets (but by no means all).

To control an aircraft (buttons, switches, axes, etc) you would generally use controls or events (two words for the same thing), not simvars.

Presets are provided for assignments generally not available via controls/events. These can be implemented to use lvars, hvars, controls/events (also known as kvars), simvars and other variable types. Presets are provided to hide the complexity involved with these various variable types, so you don't really need to know much about them  - just stick to controls/events and presets.


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