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Elevator Trim using offsets


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Probably a year or so ago, I came across an article where someone explained how to set up the (In my case) Honeycombe Bravo trim wheel using an offset like this "{offset sword increment, offset 0BC0 (Incr=190, Limit=16200)}". As I'm only familiar with the basics of FSUIPC, this had a great walkthrough. I'm assuming it was from this forum. Any ideas out there would be much appreciated.

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15 hours ago, Paulcoy said:

I have found what I was looking for. It was an article by Thomas Richter

Could you please post a link so that others can find it if they come across this post.

15 hours ago, Paulcoy said:

The above posts and more. I couldn't make head nor tale of.

I don't see why - ir is quite straightforward:
1. Download the Rotaries.lua (save to your FSUIPC7 installation folder)  and add this (or create) and [Auto] section in your FSUIPC7.ini to automatically start the lua file when an aircraft is loaded. This will give support ffor both fast/slow buttons on the Bravo - the trim wheel and the inc/dec rotary.

2. Copy the IngnoreThese  statement to your [Buttons] section of your FSUIPC7.ini. This will prevent the rotary buttons being seen in the FSUIPC assignments window, as you will assign to the virtual buttons provided by the Rotaries.lua instead. Change the letter B to the letter used by your Bravo, if is is not the same - see the [JoyNames] section of your FSIOPC7.ini to determine what letter to use.

3. Copy the trim assignments to your [Buttons] section, and again change the letter B to the letter used by yout Bravo, if different, and make sure the assignment indes numbers (the first number on each assignment line) re unique, and if not, change them.

It really isn't that complicated.


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