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move old FSUIPC.ini to new PC ?


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First. make sure that you are using the "JoyLetters" facility in FSUIPC7 on your old PC - this should be active by default.
Install the latest version of FSUIPC7 on your new PC. You can skip registration, and then copy across the following files from your old PC FSUIPC7 installation folder to the one on the new PC: FSUIPC7.ini, FSUIPC7.key, *.dll, *.lua, *.mcro. Also copy across the Profiles folder, if using profiles in separate files.

It is quite possible that the GUIDs of your controllers are different on the new PC. To check and correct for this, run FSUIPC7 once and then exit. Then open the updated FSUIPC7.ini file in an editor and find the [JoyNames] section. If your GUIDs have changed, you will see some entries marked as "<< MISSING JOYSTICK >>". For these entries, you need to change the GUID entry for that matching entry (i.e. with the same letter as the missing device), which will be listed later with a new device letter (the names will match). So, change the GUID entry of the missing device entry to the new one, and remove the new device entry. Do this for each missing device. Then if you run FSUIPC7 again, everything should be ok.

If you have any difficulties or issues, please post/attach your FSUIPC7.ini once it has been updated by FSUIPC7 on your new PC, together with your FSUIPC7.log file.


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