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DME only and VOR signal strength problem

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Hi Everyone,
during a flight I noticed a strange behavior on some "DME only" (no VOR); specifically the DME SPY (113.3 MHz) also the DME HDR (115.55MHz) when selected, despite being "DME only" I also receive a VOR signal strength; these are the offsets i was monitoring:

  • 0C4D: NAV1 code flags bitn0 =1 <- correct
  • 0C4D: NAV1 code flags bitn3 =1 <- correct
  • 0C56: NAV1 relative bearing = 90 <- correct
  • 0C52: NAV1 signal strength value was between 200 and 400 <- not correct

Since I'm basing the presence of the signal on the 0C52 offset, I would to know what this anomaly could depend on?
I constantly update the AIRAC data so the .bgl files are always updated.
Does anyone have an idea where the data on the 0C52 offset of the VOR SS comes from? If the VOR is not present also the SS should be 0 as happens correctly on other "DME only".
Thanks for your help!


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1 hour ago, BABA767 said:

Does anyone have an idea where the data on the 0C52 offset of the VOR SS comes from?

It comes from the simulator variable NAV SIGNAL:1. As the offset status document says:

NAV1 signal strength:
For Localisers, seems to be either 0 or 256
For VORs varies from 0 to over 1,000,000 when really close!

Maybe best to just ignore this value when no VOR.


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Hi John, and thanks for the reply.
I am using real instrumentation (based on arinc 429) and for example as for the ADF_L SS (offset 0C1C) I use VOR SS to determine the presence of a VOR.

The strange thing is that although some offsets (0C4D and 0C56) indicate that that station has not a VOR in reality the offset still contains a very low value.
In my opinion it should be 0 for this I'm trying to understand why the offset takes the data.



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Yes, as far as I understand it... you could ask about the NAV SIGNAL simulator variable (simvar) in the P3D support forums (presuming you are using P3D -you don't say which sim...) as to why it is not 0 (when no VOR) where you may get further information. Seems to be the same since FSX and probably earlier.



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