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Help FSMS keys for Fenix A320


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good days.
 I need help, I'm a beginner in these things, I understand very little,
 I needed someone to tell me how I should do it step by step if necessary and with patience,
 my problem is that in flight simulator 2020 I bought the Fênix A320 and I wanted to put shortcut keys for some functions,
 it happens that I enter FSUIPC7 and in the keys assignements I choose the key and choose its function but in the game it doesn't work.
 What will I have to do more? I already tried using the calculator but nothing works,
some works like wing lights and beacon lights but the rest nothing.
I don't know if I have to add something in some FSUIPC7.ini file? FSUIPC7.log ?
I really don't know what to do.
 I used the LINDA program and managed to find out what the functions are for each of the buttons but I can't introduce them into the game to make them work,
 I don't know if you can also do it through LINDA or if you have to use FSUIPC7 or some other.
 Can anyone help me? Please. 


8=79,8,66053,0,66053,0     -{O: Press=STROBES_OFF, Release=STROBES_OFF }-
10=73,8,65560,1,65560,0     -{I: Press=STROBES_TOGGLE, Release=STROBES_TOGGLE }-
12=80,8,66240,1,66240,0     -{P: Press=TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS, Release=TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS }-
16=32,8,66740,2     -{Space: Press=MANUAL_FUEL_PRESSURE_PUMP }-
20=68,8,66378,0     -{D: Press=TOGGLE_WING_LIGHTS }-  >>>> these works
22=70,8,66379,0     -{F: Press=TOGGLE_NAV_LIGHTS }-
24=90,8,66485,0     -{Z: Press=ANTI_ICE_TOGGLE_ENG2 }-
26=88,8,65751,2     -{X: Press=LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLE }-
28=67,8,65751,3     -{C: Press=LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLE }-
30=86,8,65751,1     -{V: Press=LANDING_LIGHTS_TOGGLE }-
32=81,8,67090,1,67090,0     -{Q: Press=TOGGLE_EXTERNAL_POWER, Release=TOGGLE_EXTERNAL_POWER }-
34=87,8,66484,0     -{W: Press=ANTI_ICE_TOGGLE_ENG1 }-
36=69,8,66485,0     -{E: Press=ANTI_ICE_TOGGLE_ENG2 }-
38=84,8,66706,0     -{T: Press=APU_GENERATOR_SWITCH_TOGGLE }-
42=33,8,67090,0     -{PgUp: Press=TOGGLE_EXTERNAL_POWER }-
44=82,8,66363,0     -{R: Press=TOGGLE_ALTERNATOR1 }-
46=89,8,66364,0     -{Y: Press=TOGGLE_ALTERNATOR2 }-
50=66,8,66719,0     -{B: Press=CABIN_SEATBELTS_ALERT_SWITCH_TOGGLE }-
54=34,8,66889,0     -{PgDn: Press=ANNUNCIATOR_SWITCH_ON }-
56=192,8,67090,1,67090,0     -{'@key: Press=TOGGLE_EXTERNAL_POWER, Release=TOGGLE_EXTERNAL_POWER }-
58=65,8,66240,2     -{A: Press=TOGGLE_TAXI_LIGHTS }-
60=83,8,67172,0     -{S: Press=MASTER_BATTERY_OFF }-


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Many complex aircraft, such as the Fenix A320, implement their own systems and many of the standard controls don't work. You need to use lvars or hvars, or a combination of different variable types. The easiest way to do this is to use presets - and there are many available (>100) for this aircraft. You can use the MF HubHop site to search for a preset - see https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/presets/. To assign to a preset, check the Select for Preset checkbox in the assignment dialog.

For example, for the strobe lights, you have the following presets available:

See the WASM section in the Advanced User guide for further details on using presets.


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