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HW: FSUIPC events for Working Title GNS 530 / GNS 430


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As in P3D I wanted to control the MSFS Garmin GNS 530 / GNS 430 (@ MSFS from Working Title) via FSUIPC button and switches assignments with my panel.
Therefore, I assigned GPS direct to, enter, clear, menu and more from the FSUIPC event list to the panel buttons.
Unfortunately, only GPWS switch toggle (GPS/LOC) has an effect to the sim.
Are the GPS control events not supported by MSFS or are other commands/events required?

Thanks for feedback

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Try the following to determine what controls to use for any button/switch and in the following order (ease of use):

1. Activate FSUIPC logging for Events (Log->Events) and open the logging console window (Log->Open Console). Then press the button/switch in the virtual cockpit and see if anything is logged, and if so you can use that. Note that you may see other events logged, some continually - this varies by aircraft. You can ignore those.

2. Search the MobiFlight hubhop site (https://hubhop.mobiflight.com/presets/) for available presets - enter 430 or 530 in the search box and you will see many generic presets for both the 430 and the 530. Try assigning to these by checking the Select for preset checkbox in the assignment panels.

3. List the available lvars using the Add-ons->WASM->List Lvars menu item and see if any look relevant to the function you are trying to assign. Once you have identified an lvar, press the button/switch in the virtual cockpit, and then list the lvar values again to see if the lvar has changed. If it has, you can then check to see if the lvar is settable by using the Add-ons->WASM->Set Lvar menu option. If that works, you can assign to the lvar in various ways: using macros, defining your own preset, or adding the lvat to an FSUIPC offset and using the offset controls. I can help you further with this if needed.

I suspect it will be the AS430_* and AS530_* presets that you need to assign to, but if you have issues I can take a further look next week.


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Hi John,

Again, thank you very much for support. Meanwhile I followed your instructions and this is the outcome:

1.     Activate FSUIPC logging for Events: When activating Log Events (MSFS C172) only Event: Control 67198 Fuel_System_Valve_Open was logged. I could not find other events in the log file. Is there a filter to hide continues active events?

2.       Presets: Next I assigned the presets for AS430/530 to Menu, Clear, Direct to and enter buttons. No action. Please find attached the log file for the presets and FS control buttons.

3.       List available lvars: I could only find AS530_CDI_Source as a relevant variable for my panel. Range and brightness, I have not implemented.
VLOC/GPS toggles at addressed VOR as it works through FSUIPC FS controls.

And now? Any other tracing possibility to track the events?
Note: Pity, that no commands are included in the panel.cfg file of the GNS.

Rgds Guido

FSUIPC7FSContrlGPS.2.log FSUIPC7_PresetsAS530.6.log

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1 minute ago, Guido said:

Is there a filter to hide continues active events?

Yes - you can use the DontLogThese ini parameter - see the Advanced User guide.

I will take a look in the C172 and let you know - however this will most likely be tomorrow now (I have to get started on lunch...!).


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Did a quick check and the WT GNS 430/530 uses hvars, the same ones as the stock GNS. And these are what the MF presets use, so they should work.

Your preset log file is showing that you are NOT using presets, but standard controls. For example, the preset for the clear button is called AS430_CLR_Push, and your log file is showing the standard control GPS_CLEAR_BUTTON.

And always post full log files to support, i.e. do not use the New Log function. I cannot tell what version of FSUIPC7 you are using - make sure it is the latest, which is 7.3.19.

Any further issues with this, please attach your FSUIPC7.ini and a full FSUIPC7.log file with logging for Events and Buttons & Keys activated.



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