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Good morning,
I wanted to know after installing GSX PRO, in exe.xml
I had to manually add
these lines of code appear in "exe_backup_fsdt.xml" but disappeared in "exe.xml"
in the fsuipc7 installation log there is the line
C:\Users\Target\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\EXE.xml has been updated.
so I assume that the lines are added but deleted when installing GSX PRO. Or it's me doing something wrong, which I often do.

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No. you are correct to add that back in if you want to have FSUIPC7 to be restarted automatically. 

Looks like the GSX installer is behaving badly and replacing the exe.xml with its own, whereas it should respect what is there and add its own entry - i.e. just update it to start GSX if already present, otherwise its free to create its own.

You should report this to GSX. I have had many issues previously  reported about other 3rd party products doing, as well as some corrupting the existing exe.xml so that DSUIPC cannot add its entry - this issue should reveal itself in the log and is documented in the FAQ entry on auto-start.

Also, rather than manually add, you can just re-install FSUIPC7.



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