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Full licence required for Pilot2ATC?


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You need to check Pilot2ATC requirements to see if that uses the free or registered versions. I doubt very much that it needs the FSUIPC WASM only...

I see you have also posted in the trial license topic, so you can try that if the free/unregistered version doesn't work.


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Hi John,

how can I proceed then?
1) First install FSUIPC7 without using the key and test with Pilot2ATC.

If that does not work:
2.) Use the license key and try with Pilot2ATC?

Or did you mean
Trying with FSUIPC WASM?

Just for your understanding. It's not about a few euros for me.
But I bought Axis and Ohs a long time ago. I was not aware of the function of FSUIPC at that time.
In the meantime, with FSUIPC, it looks like I'll have to install a very similar instrument again unnecessarily with it.

Or what things can I do with your program beyond AxisandOhs?

With kind regards

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Sorry, one more addendum, as I just read in the documents of Pilot2ATC.
There it says:
"Before using Pilot2ATC, you will need to download and install the free version of either FSUIPC or XPUIPC".

What can be meant by the free version then?


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